Materials needed: A hat, or similar container, paper, pencils.
Object: Write and perform dares for everyone's amusement.

Game Rules

 Before the game starts everyone writes as many dares as they can think up.
 Of course some people will think of the same things that is fine. You try to
 include tame dares (kiss the person on your left) to the extreme dares (if
 you are into swinging, have sex with person on the right).  A dare may be
 "Tell us the last place  you had sex".  Or  "No dare this turn" and one or two
 "draw two dares"  All of the dares are put into a bag. When it's  your turn
 draw  a slip and do what as it says.

 1. You must chose a method for who has to do a dare. Options are: you just
 go around the circle. drawing low card. rolling the  highest with dice, etc

 2. A dare may be brought up to the group as too hard/extreme. Go   with a
 majority of players rule. If  the majority chooses as too hard, draw again.

 3. A penalty for refusing a dare that the group agrees to. Must complete two
 dares is a good  rule.

 4. Do  not put the dares back into the bag after they are  performed.

  The thing that makes this fun is that the inventive person always runs the
 risk of getting a dare they thought up.