Materials needed: An ordinary deck of 52 playing cards.
Object: Win regular poker hands to keep your clothes.

Game Rules

This is a variation on Classic Strip Poker, explained on the Strip Poker page. This version is essentially the same, but involves betting. Any betting Poker game will work for this version of Strip Poker. 

The dealer chooses a game (deal is passed after each game, clockwise), and deals. Betting starts with the player to the Dealer's immediate left, unless it is a game which has some cards face up, in which case, the player with the highest card showing bets first. Ante is the lowest betting level (Truth). The first betting player may check (leave it at truth), or raise. Players may fold at any time, but will have to pay whatever they have bet to that point. The following raises may be made (and they can be doubled up):

(From lowest to highest betting value)
Super Dare (or Double Dog Dare)

The winner of  the hand (highest hand) administers any Truths, Dares, or Super Dares owed. Any clothing bet, and lost is chosen by the person who has to strip. 

Explanation of Stakes:
Truth: A person owing a truth is asked a question by the winner of the hand, and is expected to answer truthfully. These questions are usually sexual in nature, but don't have to be, they are sometimes embarrassing, but in the spirit of the game, the loser should try to answer as truthfully (if not as completely) as possible.

Dare: As Truths, the winner administers these to whoever bet a Dare and lost. Instead of a question, the player is asked (dared) to perform some action. There may be times when a player will refuse a Dare (spoil-sports!). For these situations, have an alternate punishment for failing to live up to the Dare. If you and your friends are drinking, a shot of tequila can serve as punishment, and might loosen up that prudish player! If not, think of something all players agree on before hand. 

Clothes: Paying this bet is obvious. The losers chose and remove an article of clothing they are wearing. All clothes lost in this way stay off until they stop playing the game. Anyone still playing who has no clothes substitutes Dares in lieu of a Clothes Bet.

Super Dare: This Double Dog Dare cannot be refused. Anyone betting a Super Dare should be prepared to face the consequences of a loss. There is no alternate penalty, and anything goes. If a player does not want to be subject to a Super Dare, that player may simply not place that bet, or fold when someone else does. Just like in playing Poker for money, one should never place a bet they can't cover!

This game provides for some titillating fun, but moves slower than the classic version, and squeamish players always have the option to fold, only losing their ante of a truth.